Night At The Grammys, this was definitely a fun experience with my love. This was ...

in #appics9 months ago

... moments before we stepped inside the concert hall, getting some last few shots before enjoying the big music performances.


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So awesome, must have been the best experience ever, so glamorous, you guys look gorgeous! I am sure you will be back again some day!

Thank you very much karen, it was memorable and priceless indeed, appreciate your really warmhearted words, one day we will be back, for sure :)

You are very welcome!

Cool. That would be a fun experience.

Thanks man, yeah I think you would enjoy it for the most part, definitely a wide range of genres to observe, soak up, absorb and learn from.

This is amazing. .❤ You guys look soo cool 😊 Celebrities 😎

You're very kind, I'm happy with my privacy lol, no celebrity status for me, it is not worth all the hassle and surface perspectives haha. Thank you for the nice compliment though mrsbeetroo :)

Beautiful moment that was so nice 😀

Both of you looking so nice in this amazing :)

You bless us with your words, thank you very much kristiiana, appreciate you

Big day it must have been of your life 👍😀

Thanks samaantha, it definitely was a memorable one for sure

Fabulous shot wow 😊

Thank you very much appreciate that

Thank you, it sure was, you would have enjoyed it!

Wow that’s awesome!

Thank you isacat, appreciate your kind words, you would have like it there too

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