Grammy Award Winning Perspective, I will post pictures of me and my wife at the ...

in #appics9 months ago

... Grammys from the previous years in a bit, but as an artist I just felt this was very personal and important to share with you all on one of the big reasons why I take music so seriously. Of course I always have fun, but it is not a game for me. It is who I am.


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Thank you so much for sharing this and healing so many with your awesome words, you are more appreciated then you may think sometimes, 'never stop doing what you do, one day there will be a Grammy for you' haha, I can't believe I actually did a Rhythm lol. That must have been so awesome to attend the Grammys in previous years, I all ready seen your wifes post, Fantastic! Keep up the great work my friend!!

You're very welcome karen, thanks for reading and sharing your kind thoughts as always, nice rhythm rhyme too :)
If I ever won a Grammy, I wouldn't accept it, and if they forced it on me, I would donate it somewhere musical to inspire children. The trophy is nice but not something I ever desired or aspired for. Yeah the Grammys event is definitely something else lol Appreciate you

Cool bro will like to see those pics too. I agree with the thoughts.

I will post some today and further on, I gotta hunt some good ones down lol And so glad you agree with my sentiments, you know what music is really about!, if you got a beat to throw me we can collab bro for something fun

Cool bro yea we could do that. What style are you comfortable with? If you want to message me on discord or something later cool. Have a good day bro.

What is your discord id again bro? I can rock wih many styles but my best is neo soul boom bap jazz hop kind of vibes. Appreciate you and your patience, I got a neeborn so I have been resting every moment possible lol Hope your weekend will be relaxing and productive

You are a winner in every listeners heart that's a big success already 😀

That is such an amazing compliment, thank you for the kind words and big support always isabelllaa, I have been sleeping a bit more because of my newborn baby Symphony, but I am getting a bit of my strength back now :) My family is also my big success with my music

beautiful words ❤️ and the grammy goes to🙀😍👍🏾👌🏾

Thank you very much my love, if I won a grammy I would not accept it, or if I did, I would donate it to a children's music center

You're welcome, that is a sweet thought and a great answer

its always incredible to meet creative people you got to witness great and beautiful things :) the awards will come and go but the moment are unforgettable

Probably one of my favorite comments here, thank you for sharing such wisdom, you are so right, the awards come and go but memories, impact, influence and inspiration are what last through time

Hope to listen more of that music on appics now don't forget to share 😊

I was taking a small break, don't worry, I will be performing new music very soon, thanks for waiting and always showing support, it means a lot and I appreciate you

Awesome. Yes lets talk on discord its the easiest way. I'm @krazypoet anywhere online. But my name looks funny like this. (ƘƦ♬Ȥƴᖰ០៩Ƭ#2097) I'll seek you out if you cant find me. Are you the same also? I'll listen to this style today to get a feel. I have dont trip hop stuff before. Always have patients bro its a must in qualities that all should have. And I'm also a father you dont have to tell me I get it. But thanks. Yes bro same to you. Enjoy those baby moments too. Have a chill one bro. I'll be here.

You're welcome bro, glad to finally connect on discord, definitely enjoying the baby moments, I can't get enough of Symphony, she is growing too fast. Sigh, but yeah enjoy your evening bro, let's do some trip hop or even classic boom bap hip hop, I'm open to even new styles, but yeah showcase me whatever :)

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