Very inspiring my friend, I really love it as always!

Thank you again and again and again karen, lol I hope you don't get tired of loving my work, and I won't get tired of saying thank you. The promise of politeness and gratitude

So kind of you to say, you are very welcome, but really you do not have to thank me every time, it is my pleasure.

little one fill you up with joy and happiness which no other thing can replace with 😊

So true cutiepie, it is a joy I always want to have, that is why I like to teach the youth English :) one of my many professions

a roller coaster of a journey full of emotions and love 😀

Thank you isabelllaa, you are right about that, don't ever fall out of the rollercoaster, it can be dangerous lol

keep your faith and trust and there will be no obstacles ever on the path to success :)

Thank you kristiiana, and if there are, I will break down through those walls :) gotta stay strong

Blessed with a baby girl such a joyful moment for the family just went through your blog here congratulations :)

Thank you very much for your extremely kind words, yeah she is my third child now, feel free to follow my wife's account at happyharmonymay for some fun videos and happy posts that will brighten your day

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