Ah, parenthood can be so wonderful... Well done as always my friend!

Ah, parenthood can
Be so wonderful... Well done
As always my friend!

                 - karenmckersie

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Something you can relate to wonderfully as the great mother you are, thank you karen :)

Awe, thats very kind of you thanks!

You're always welcome karen

i can understand why you didn't replied now hahahah 😀

Thank you for understanding isabelllaa, at least someone understands me lol, Maybe I will show everyone how my tablet looks like, haha, it looks like it has been through a war.

Seems like you are reliving the childhood back once again with kids :)

Oh yeah, even as a kid, I was quite active and clumsy lol, but I love reliving life moments with my children, they make life brand new again, you are so right.

spending time with little ones is the best thing ever 😊

Yes, it is the best thing ever, and nothing can outweight the importance of parent child bonding times :)

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