Shine a light and highlight the hindsight , trust me it gets bright

Wise words from a wise man, we need such radiance, from outside and from within, from the fullness of the radius of our aura and environment, life brings brightness in so many forms :-) thank you very much bro

the words straight from a fathers heart today 😊 how is everyone ? 😊

Yes, I have a lot of emotions to share because of beautiful Symphony :) Thank you cutiepie, I hope everyone is doing as great as me, I appreciate life on a whole new level now

Oh wow this is so beautiful coming straight from the heart of a proud Papa! May the light always shine on and never dim!! Thanks for sharing with us my friend!

Thank you dear Karen, I am super proud and I am beaming with joy when I hold her, or talk about her to anyone, appreciate your kind words and the light is always needed in this sometimes cold and dark world, children are the future and help guide us forward.

Yes indeed! Well said as always my friend, keep up the great work!

I strive for greatness. In order for great work to be produced, one must become great, looking back now, wow, how far I have grown, such a blessing, thank you

Sweet like chocolate ice cream and marshmallows :)

it was very special for dear symphony she is so lucky to have you both in her life lots of love 😀

You're very sweet isabelllaa, thank you very much, we are so blessed to have her too, she makes life and our family a better situation overall, our sweet special Symphony, I love cuddling her, it is never enough

Yes that’s True Fatherhood... Nice 👍

Thank you may, it is definitely a learning experience everyday

Thank you for writing! It’s exactly like my experience🤱

You're very welcome, that is amazing, it is such a wonderful thing to be a parent. :) Thank you for reading and showing support always

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