freezing time is not possible but when you choose a way never look back just keep going who know what else is waiting for you :)

Wouldn't that be so cool if we could freeze time? It would open the possibilities to so many things in life. But yes, we must keep pushing forward, thanks for the good advice kristiiana :)

Cool 😎 I really enjoyed reading your Poems

Thank you very much yes colours for reading and your support

some decisions just need to be followed when you take the decision with heart and even if that goes wrong there will be no regrets just a way that won't work out 😊

Exactly! You're very wise cutiepie, even if we choose with our heart, it may not always be right or it may not always be destined to be, but we shouldn't regret our journey to greatness and the learning experience to our destiny :) thank you cutiepie

sometime all we have to is go with the flow and make the necessary changes 😀

I love going with the flow, I take pride knowing that I can adapt to many different situations, you have some great advice isabelllaa, thanks for the nice comment

Total awesomeness as always! A quote I remember is : "When life is wavy keep it Smooth..." Have a great day my friend!

Thank you dear Karen, I like that quote, sometimes the boat gets rocked when the currents are getting excited, but we have to move with and become the water like Bruce Lee :) My days are above and beyond amazing with Symphony!

A true Symphony indeed then! You and your family are truly blessed!

We keep it qualitative and consistent as much as we can! :) Thank you toushik.

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