Awesome... it sounds so good and rhymes so well, it’s true we are only human 😊

yes indeed thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed the rhymes


😊appreciate you

Yes Indeed! How boring the world would be if we were all the same!

it would be extremely mundane my friend. i hope you are well

My friend this is great as always, you are a true poet!!
I hope you are ok.
One love.

I've been through a roller coaster of life bro, but healthy and with my family, life is a blessing. appreciate your kind words, don't know if you ever checked Discord, I sent you a message a while back, hope you are doing well bro,
One Love indeed to you and your family.

Yes, we are only human...

Thank you for your words of wisdom Marianne.sand

This is beautiful

Thanks for reading and finding beauty in it. Appreciate you

thank you very much kenglogirl

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