Sweet Symphony Song, Just A Sneak Peek Preview Of What I Have Been Working On. Just ...

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... raw emotion and internal music being produced acapella from the heart while thinking of my new born daughter Symphony. I was visiting a good friend of mine with Marcello (you can see him in the background) and Harmony is somewhere playing off screen in the same room. I was performing this new song for my friend and his wife and two daughters, and I had just performed the song I wrote for Harmony, and Marcello previous to this small performance. I really enjoy creating the melodies and singing choruses for my childrens‘ songs, they all have deep meanings, life messages and real purpose to guide them and help their growth when they listen to their own songs, and I can‘t wait until I get an Android device or when Apple devices can upload longer than one minute so I can start showcasing to you guys full songs. I created also two nice rap verses I will perform for you later. Here are the lyrics for Symphony‘s chorus. “...Be all that you can be, follow your destiny, keep control-ol-ol... Sweet Symphony...Know your worth, yeah. It’s the simple things, to grow your world-rld-rld. Sweet Symphony, know your worth, yeah. Be all that you can be, follow your destiny, keep control-ol-ol...” Hope you all enjoyed it. Thanks for lending your eyes and ears, until next time, it is back to my normal poetry posts lol Let’s go Appics Family!


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Thank you man, appreciate that coming from you as well

Oh Wow! Your Sweet Symphony song has my heart melting! So beautiful my friend!!

Thanks for your really kind words karen, so glad it touched your heart :) Can’t wait to show you the rest

Thanks for your effort to appics better. Full apx voted 📌

Appreciate you to the fullest bro, thank you very much always for your support and love

This is one of my favorite songs, Symphony will love how this turns out when she is older and able to understand more than the rhythms and melodies. Great job my love

Thanks my love, she definitely inspires us daily

Thanks bro appreciate you listening and showing support

Super 😍🤩... I really enjoyed that

Thank you very much may, glad you liked it a lot, that makes me happy

Thank you very much
May, glad you liked it a lot,
That makes me happy

                 - verbal-d

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Woooow....nice one. I like your diction, I think I've got a mentor in singing.😎

Thanks I glad you like it 👍

I can feel the passion and love for music. Great work🙏🏼🔥🔥🔥👌🏼

oh hello meliciouz, thank you very much for lending your ears to listen to a snippet of the song I wrote for my daughter Symphony. I hope to perform live the full song soon. I am so glad you enjoyed it. looking forward to connecting with more musicians like yourself

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