This is really a very beautiful photograph. It's not your classic sort of beauty; but the beauty is in the warmth and friendly companionship conveyed in the photo. I like it very much.

Thanks you @russellstockley
This is a picture taken by @vegantraveller She is very good in capturing moments :)
Give her a follow as well :)

Thanks for the heads up. Now following @vegantraveller 😄 She certainly is talented!

Thank you @russellstockley.
you have very amazing pics!

Awesome post; cute af - wanna be steem friends? :D
Wish you an amazing sunday & a good start into the new week :)

Added you my new friend :)

Hope you get a wonderful week also :) With alot of new steem activity

Haha, thanks a lot ;)
Hope u too :P

Haha, looks like Easy will not be easy 😁

Actually she is a Hard one.... But :)

Have a nice one ;)

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