Hey APPICS Family! Today we dropped another YouTube video!

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If you haven’t seen this or our previous videos go check them out and while you’re at it, Subscribe to our YT Channel “APPICS OFFICIAL” and turn on your post notifications🔔 Also I’d much appreciate your support! Leave a Like 👍 Comment 💬 and Share if you enjoyed it ❤️

APPICS presents: The Latest News About The Economy, Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin (Also For Beginners) & More!

Topics of today’s episode:
Youtube shadow banning Bitcoin related content!😱🚷 (it's time for decentralised alternative platforms), APPICS highlights 🔥 , Bitcoin exchange Bittrex Global planning to launch their own platform based cryptocurrency🔎, Will the price drop before the Halving? 5 days away⏳, Billionaire Michael Novogratz bullish on Bitcoin "Many Hedgefunds are now buying BTC and the train of insitutionalization is already taking off"🚀

🎥 @danielschmunk

💭Let me know in the comments what type of content and news you’d like to see in the future.

⚠️ On another note, following the iOS APP update, we just released an update for Android that will be available shortly and solve a lot of the server issues we’ve been experiencing the last days and weeks. Thank you all for your patience! 🙏🏽 (It will pay off). Our team is working hard in the background on improving the user experience and making sure the APP runs smoothly. There are so many great things we are working on and I cannot wait to share with everyone!🤗

Thank you for being on this journey with us ❤️


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Hiya my friend, so happy to see you again. Going over YT right after. Thanks so much for your usual so much informative videos, you make it so clear to understand. What i would like to see more...is maybe a weekly video highlighting the top quality Appics new comers and hence we get to follow...as i really love having a beautiful home feed and support. Take care and stay safe.

Hi 👋 thanks for your feedback, mich appreciated and that’s also the plan, to include highlights of new users and great content in every video ☺️

Let's see if we can get APPICS to 1k on Youtube 😄

Sure doable ! 💪🏽

Thanks for the insight loved your video and awesome welcome clips to many of the new fabulous members to Appics, I was also happy to welcome them through newcomer-northam account! Go Go Appics/Apx all the way to the Moon🌒!

Subscribed and watched a few videos in regards to trading and powering up. You explained well thanks for keeping us informed! Much respect

Excellent video Uma. You look amazing and give good information.

Thanks Sam 💞

It is so good

Sure will take a look at it! Videos by you are very informative and insightful!

excellent love it

Wow... So beautiful....😕

An informative video..Thanks for making it so clear to understand

Glad you enjoyed it 😊

Nice video Uma. 🎬🙃

True words and also I believe decentralised services will become a part of our daily lives. Though a lot still needs to happen before the mass will step onboard. And the mass is required for any social media platform to become a true success. In the mean time is darn cool to build towards that bright future with the true innovators around the world.

They've been doing so since, just that it's getting more intensed. We choose DECENTRALIZATION

..great news!...thank you appics-team for being such busy and always motivating!...appics rocks!!...enjoy...and of course I will share it.....

Thanks 🙏🏽

Hey great job you guys, you're on top of it. Now if i unplug i can just catch up here. Thanks...

Appreciate that ☺️🙏🏽

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