Light heart, light hair. The planets are lining up, bringing brighter days 🪐✨ Btw. ...

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... today/tonight depending on where you are in the world 8. Apr. at 4:35 AM MESZ is this year‘s brightest and biggest supermoon! it’s also know as the Pink Moon 🌝 and is much closer to Earth than usual, which is why it appears larger and brighter. I read that supermoons can be up to 15% brighter than an average full moon and 30% brighter than a micro moon. You can feel the presence of the supermoon and tap into its powerful energy. A full moon is always a powerful time for meditation, healing, self care, letting go, gratitude, getting in touch with your emotions and recharging your energy field. If you can, try to be present and conscious about where you put your attention and thoughts. Much love 🤍


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You look great in this collor, beautiful😊🙏

Oh Wow I Love It, looking Fabulous! You are definitely tapping into its powerful energy, I will try to check it out tonight or Tomorrow night lol. From British Columbia Canada. Go Appics!!

Thanks Karen! You should have a great view at it 🙌

Hi @umaofficial ! I just signed up to be a Appics Ambassador for Canada! Woot I dont think we have one from Canada and im really hoping to be accepted, I Love and Always Promote and Support Appics Very much!! Fingers Crossed!! Stay safe my friend!!❤

Awesome! Your support is greatly appreciated 🙏

Oooh looks beautiful!

Thanks ☺️

Excelente look Uma!

Your hair looks so beautiful and you are looking so gorgeous 😍😍 stay safe 😇😇

Thank you 😊

Always looking good no matter what

Not sure about that lol but I am happy how the color turned out :)

Fabulous Uma!!😎 We will pack and head out to the balcony in an hour to see the moon.

Nice! Were you able to see it ?

Beautiful hairstyle..

Wow ! Stunning!

I love your hair! 😉

Nice look , fantastic lady

You have a marvelous curvy hair

This picture is beautiful 😉😉

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