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... platform in the world! The Appics team joined TikTok back in 2015, when it was called “”. We were early adopters, saw the potential, got featured on the main page many times and even got our accounts verified! Now 5 years later the platform has achieved more users than Snapchat & Twitter combined within only a few months and we cannot ignore it as a marketing tool! TikTok is mainly driven by video challenges that have the potential to go viral. So join us and re-create fun challenges! This german challenge “#besterRatschlag” or “#best advice” went viral and I thought why not participate. Feel feee to join me! Get creative and don’t forget to use the Hashtags #APPICS #passionrewarded🤍
2 Questions:
🔸 What’s the best advice you ever got?
🔸What do you think makes TikTok so success? Comment below 💬


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It's growing even faster now as everyone is stuck at home ☕..

I love watching the different videos on TikTok but im not good at making them and have not figured it out yet. I will have to go see if I can figure out how to find you thete I know that I am following Appics and a few from Appics. I think its awesome and a great way to spread the word!! Go Appics!

It’s successful because of the billions they got in funding to market it to kids! Nothing special really

Me encanta, muy bueno!

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