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... platform in the world! The Appics team joined TikTok back in 2015, when it was called “”. We were early adopters, saw the potential, got featured on the main page many times and even got our accounts verified! Now 5 years later the platform has achieved more users than Snapchat & Twitter combined within only a few months and we cannot ignore it as a marketing tool! TikTok is mainly driven by video challenges that have the potential to go viral. So join us and re-create fun challenges! Get creative and don’t forget to use the Hashtag #APPICS #passionrewarded 🤍


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Tiktok ? Thank you, no. I'll leave it for teenagers, and kinder gardens.
Much more than that I am waiting for a message about Appics future plans, will it join Hive, or will stay with dying steem ?

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