In every crisis lies the seed of opportunity 🌱 I just came across a blogpost I ...

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... published 3 years ago and thought it would be good timing to re-share it with you.
I was inspired to write on the topic, after reading one of my favorite books "Psycho Cybernetics" by Maxwell Maltz.

There are different types of people. Those who perform best when no one watches and those who shine under pressure.

🔑 The Secret of the Money Player
The difference between these people is not some inherent quality that one has and the other hasn't. It is largely a matter of how they learned to react to crisis situations. A "crisis" is a situation which can either make you or break you. If you react properly to the situation, a "crisis" can give you strength, power, wisdom you do not ordinarily possess. If you react improperly, a crisis can rob you of the skill, control, and ability that you ordinarily have to call upon.

The so-called "money player" in sports, in business, or in social activities—the person who comes through in the clutch—who performs better under the stimulus of challenge, is invariably the person who has learned either consciously or unconsciously to react well to crisis situations.

"Character is who you are under pressure, not who you are when everything's fine."

According to Psycho-Cybernetics, in order to perform well in a crisis we need to:

🔸 Learn certain skills under conditions where we will not be overmotivated; we need to practice without pressure.
🔸 We need to learn to react to crisis with an aggressive, rather than a defensive attitude; to respond to the challenge in the situation, rather than to the menace; to keep our positive goal in mind.
🔸 We need to learn to evaluate so called "crisis" situations in their true perspective; to not make mountains out of molehills, or react as if every small challenge were a matter of life or death.

Right now is a challenging time for our global family. There's a lot of uncertainty and fear. But just like any other situation, we may not have control, it is up to us from which persepctive we observe the event. Meanwhile the news report the negative, how about we embrace and focus on the facts that our planet is healing, we spend more time with ourselves and people close to us, we live in the present moment, we can learn new things, get creative, practice gratitude for the freedom we are used to and feel empathy towards others, because we're all in this together.
I hope this little write up inspired you to make the most out of any situation or challenge your are facing and enjoy today!

Much love,

📸 Zürich, Switzerland🇨🇭


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We are all in this together! Staying positive, healthy and happy plus keeping our distance, is the best way to get through this! Great post my friend, I completely agree with you! Go Appics! Upped 100% and resteemed

yeh you are right 👍 we need to think positive ♥

Positive mind = positive life 🙌

Yes ,patience is all that paves way in the darkness

Beautiful thoughts my dear ✨🤩

Thank you 🙏

Geiles Bild !🔥Hoffe bei uns wirds auch bald wärmer 😭

Danke! Und ja sehr gerne, bist immer Willkommen 🙏💗

Awesome Post! I'm given something to think about and will surely check out more concepts from Psycho Cybernetics!

Thank you! Definitely worth the read 😊

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