Master the art of observing. Whether it’s other people talking, the news, or your ...

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... own thoughts, words, actions and decisions throughout the day - put yourself in a conscious state of observation and try to let go of any form of instant judgement that crosses your mind and see what happens.

Especially right now more than ever!! It’s easy to get paranoid, let fear take your freedom and put you in a lower vibrational frequency which attracts exactly what you don’t want. Instead embrace life, being a human, alive, breathing, conscious, listening, observing.

You cannot always control a situation, but you can control how you react. When you observe, you are fully present, just watching and not letting your mind wander, compare and make conclusions. When you observe you are focused on learning and capable of absorbing new information and expanding your wisdom.

I would call it an art because it requires actual skill and you get better with practice. For people who are analyzers (speaking to myself), our mind tends to interpret everything fast, connect instant thoughts and make up entire stories of possibilities. It’s often a waste of energy that could instead be put towards listening, learning more about the situation, not responding immediately and meditating on it -
leading to better decisions and overall outcomes.

Ask yourself often:
Am I observing the situation accurately or am I projecting how I feel onto what’s happening?


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Beautiful photo and Well said Uma @umaofficial , it definitely is an art!! Especially in these trying times...Stay safe my friend! Go Go Appics!!

Thank you! You too Karen 🙏🏽💫

You look so cool in this photo

Observation, calm and patience. This helps to avoid many wrong actions. If we had quality information it would be even better. I'm glad I met a co-founder. Thanks!

I heared it in my college days that is , A beautiful teacher can make student to attend all the that a beautiful women with creativy mind can bring many more to the appics. Your name seems to be like an indian, but your face seems to be like arabian and slang seems to be like an european.. according to my guess you were from india background right??

Yeh well said 👍 I totally agree with you 😇

Hi Uma! What’s your plan for the coming Hive hard fork? Is Appics planning to move or integrate with it? 😁😁

...agree completely...btw you’re looking fantastic also while observing...take care..and enjoy..

Hive or Steem?

Nice and stylish :)

Thank you for this platform hoping fot the best!

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