Part Four | The last part of corona virus awareness video. A request to all of you, ...

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... take care of the people around you. Try to make unconscious people aware. It is not possible to be good alone in this situation. So, Be aware of yourself, be aware of others❤.

27.Avoid opening the mask when sneezing.
28.Perform prayers at home according to the rules of Islam and government instructions.
29.Mercy-Blessing-Salvation-Forgiveness and revelation of the Qur'an, sit down with the Qur'an whenever you have time in this month. I live my life in the light of the Qur'an.
30.If you have any symptoms of corona, do not take them to the hospital, consult them on these numbers (see screen).
31.The freedom fighters fought for their release in 1971. The doctors are fighting for the release of Corona in 2020. All the law enforcers, all the officers-employees, cleaners, including these great warrior doctors, express their heartfelt love and hundreds of millions of salutes.

  1. Let's all swear together. "We can stop the epidemic in Covid19, awareness"


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