Part Three | The third part of corona virus awareness video. Be aware of yourself, ...

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... be aware of others. Watch till the end

  1. Drinking tea and hot water at this time will help to get rid of the common flu. Also, if you can, drink hot milk every day.
    15.You need to drink plenty of water at this time.
    16.Boil the fish-meat and eggs well and cook.
  2. People returning from abroad must stay at home for 14 days according to the rules
    18.Pay special attention to older children and pregnant women/mothers at this time. And keep an eye on those suffering from various diseases.
    19.Avoid food stocks. And the rich should do their duty to the poor.
    20.Don't listen to rumors. Verify the information. Be careful, be safe

21.Our entire countrymen must fight together against covid-19.
22.The country is not alone in the police. administration or the army, the country is ours. Let's be aware of ourselves, let's be aware of others.

23.Do not spit out the cough.
24.Don't forget to throw used tissue in the dustbin.
25.Wash dirty and used clothes quickly.

  1. Keep the house and yard clean.


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