Covid 19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. At this time the condition of ...

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... daily wagers is terrible. Many people are suffering from lack of food at this time. So we want to do something for them. With the Esko's help, we work to help 55 families. Alhamdulillah. By the grace of Allah our purpose is successfully fulfilled. Our purpose was to find out the poor financial situation of the helpless people in our village, to help those who are in dire straits. Since this time the work of Daily wagers has stopped. There are people in the family who are physically weak and sick. There are many members in their family but only one earner. Undoubtedly they are suffering more. This little attempt to stand by their side.

Our plan:
Our plan is to help 50 out of 55 helpless families (for each family):

  1. Peas
  2. Persimmon
  3. Chickpea
  4. Parched Rice
  5. Rice
  6. Salt
  7. Sugar
  8. Oil

To provide financial assistance to the remaining 5 families as much as possible.

With the help of whom so much has been possible, even in the dark of night we have been able to deliver the packets to certain families in an orderly manner. Many thanks to them.

I have been able to stand by the side of helpless people, it makes me feel different. The blessings received from them are really precious. They pray from the heart.

There is a man behind @thehipsterguru (Esko) ❤

Standing next to helpless people, you will feel much better. Try it 🙏


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Good job bro👍 Together with a few friends, we also tried to help people during these lockdown days💙

Amazing initiative to help people in need 🙏🏼 thank you Toushik great work and thank you to Esko too!

Thank you so much😊🙏. He is great man❤.

Awesome work bro! God bless you more 🙏

Great bro.🙂

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