My shot of the day..... i finished my last trip on the water here out of Victoria, ...

in appics •  3 months ago

... BC last night.

As sad as it is to leave this place it was quite fitting to interact with numerous humpback whales foraging, which are one of my favourite animals in the world.

Next adventure is Shambahla music festival followed by the Great Bear Rainforest along the BC coastline.

Life is good and what you make it


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Wow! So very dramatic! Just how far away were you?

It is really nice photo!! Thank you for sharing this pics!! Hope to see real whale someday!!:)

I have always wanted to see one irl. How big was this one??
Perfectly clicked at the right time

excellent photo... perfect in every detail....let me tell you that i use one of your photos in my laptop background ...
...may i ask what camera do you use???

You are so lucky to watch them closely ;) ! Amazing photo.... I love it ;) !

Amazing picture
Hi im new in here
so i have to say that your picture is full of life. rocks. Hermosa ballena Mr thomas.
Muchas gracias. thanks a lot.

It is a very beautiful shot. You have done an amazing job with it. This creatures are just amazing

I've never been to Shambhala but my sister goes every year. Enjoy the Kootenays it's such a spectacular area!

woww nice shot my friend. I like see this photo in Appics.

Wow so amazing.

Great shot,the whale is looking in photograph as if he is going towards the sky like a missile,best wishes for your next adventure of shambahla.

You must be a very happy person; living experiences like those you have in your travels fills your soul with joy.

Where did you take the photo from? Is it possible to touch the whale?

A big hug.

Epic. Looking forward to some more adventures.

Mate this is so epic