Chin strap penguins.. each photo has bit of a story behind it with what happens ...

in appics •  3 months ago

... leading up to the shot.

This guy simply stood on this rock for a while looking around at myself and the rest of the crew exploring this island on the South Shetland Islands in Antarctica.

It was my last trip ashore of the 2017/18 Antarctic season. I cant wait to get back there in a few months.


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I just love how mischievous he (?) looks! Planning to conquer everything

Penguins are really beautiful! Look at how cute the guy is with a post like he is taking a selfie.

Great shot. That is so great that you go there so often.

When you go to Antarctica, do you travel for any other work or study-related purposes or are those primarily photography trips? Such a cool destination and great capture here.