Pacific white sided dolphins playing around with our vessel a few days ago. These ...

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... animals love to play with wake of any vessel and seem to really love it

I have been busy working on a sailboat as a guide with orca and grizzly bears. It has been a fun week and now i am off once again sailing up to an area called Bella Bella to explore the Great Bear Rainforest.

Stay tuned for more photos!


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Am so happy to see you back Thomas, i hope you doing well though I missed your posts 😊
This is really awesome picture of Dolphin

Just love your posts and pictures
Nice seeing you back

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awesome shot! I love dolphins. They once joined me while I was surfing in byron bay, australia in the early morning. three of them were playing and chasing each other next to me.

I wouldn´t say no to adventure like your upcoming one.

I love dolphins, always used to be my favorite animals! Great shot thanks for sharing, your job sounds so interesting and have fun in the rain forest!

great shot...

@thomasjmitchell that is an amazing shot, i must say.