Cool, i hope you enjoyed it. Nice picture ♡

The sea is very beautiful. But I am afraid of the sea. You are courageous.

Best wishes and take care of your friend.

제가 기억나실지 모르겠는데 오랜만에 뵙네요 :) 반가워서 댓글 남겨봅니다!

안녕하세요 ! 당연히 기억하고 있습니다 오랜만에 뵙습니다~!

The sea is very beautiful, and going inside it would be even more exciting

Good luck for you, i'm so afraid of the sea sir

wow it must have been very cool to go deep into the ocean there have a great time and don't forget to share more of that :)

다이버 절대환영합니다. 🙃

this island seems the best place for everything hope you had an amazing diving experience there 😊


Be carefull

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