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RE: Announcement: APPICS' Dual Blockchain Solution

in #appics2 years ago

Finally! This is great news. I was wondering about my appics tokens already.

So could you please explain me what should I do?

I have Appics tokens just waiting. As I understand because of this alliance we will be able to trade the APPICS tokens and also to put them to work within our Steemit Accounts?

So if there is anything I must do, please let me know.

Great News!


Hey @theghost1980! Thank you very much for your feedback, glad to hear you are so excited!
As investor, there is nothing you need to worry about.
After our token swap, you will receive steem-based tokens in your steem account.

Our customer platform will go back online this week, there you'll be able to specify your steem account prior to the swap and then you will receive your steem-based appics tokens later on in your steem wallet.