I can't even explain why, but 2020 has started on a great note so far. With some ...

in #appics4 years ago

... extreme levels of happiness that keep bracing me. It is almost unfair to say it on a social media platform but I've been experiencing a little bit of JOMO these days. (JOMO - Joy Of Missing Out). Hahaha! So, anyway, I'm on an office hunt, because there's so much content, that I can't manage it single-handedly and out of my bedroom anymore. It's about time I truly let go of the comfort zone and start organising work and give it the attention that it deserves (which I did even before, but it didn't leave me with any time to pursue my own life and health). So office space is soon on the cards. I'm still figuring out how taxes and all work. It's very nice that I have my father to ask who's been beyond helpful. That's on the work front, because of which I'm not travelling till mid-Feb! Oh the happiness! .
P.S. this picture is from me getting dressed for a college friend's engagement over the weekend. Feeling too pretty with all the compliments on the story. So I don't mind sharing an unaesthetic picture on the feed. 😂


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