Promoting APPICS with the "free to use" Global Network of #Promo-Steem. A huge Steemit Shout Out to Uma @mrs.steemit and the rest of the team at APPICS.

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#Promo-Steem - Global Decentralised "free to use" Marketing Network


Global Decentralised "free to use" Marketing Network

I am excited to say that #Promo-Steem is doing everything I expected it to do and more, much, much more..!!

Over the weekend I talked to a lot of people about the concept of #Promo-Steem and how it is effectively a "free to use" Global Decentralised Marketing Network.

Over the next few weeks I am looking forward to sharing with you a number of conversations I had, both with existing #Steemit Users and Projects, as well as new Businesses and Entrepreneurs that are not on #Steemit but came to our Exhibitor's Stand for a chat.

More on that later.

Uma @mrs.steemit - #APPICS

One of the conversations that I had over the weekend was with Uma @mrs.steemit that I wanted to share with you today.

It should come as no great surprise that I am a massive fan of the concept of @appics #APPICS and it was an absolute pleasure to finally meet Uma and get to know her.

Having been in business for over 30 years, to understand a Product, you first have to understand the person(s) behind it.

I sat down with Uma and had a long chat about who she was and the sort of things that were driving her.

It came as no great surprise that Uma is a dedicated and self-driven individual that knows exactly what she wanted to do.

It was an absolute pleasure to talk to her and get to know a little more about #APPICS and their vision.

Promoting #APPICS with #Promo-Steem

One of the exciting things we talked about was leveraging the sheer brute force and power of #Promo-Steem to help Uma to promote #APPICS when she is ready.

Taking any Product to Market is all about timing and I am looking forward to Uma giving us the green light to pressing the #Promo-Steem Button to promote #APPICS.

With the "free to use" Global Network of #Promo-Steem Promoters around the globe poised ready to pounce and promote #APPICS, to say that I am excited to watch #Promo-Steem do it's thing, is an understatement.

In the meantime, I would just like to say a MASSIVE #Steemit Shout Out to Uma @mrs.steemit and the rest of the team at #APPICS in the run up to the launch of the #APPICS app.

Promoting #APPICS tweet


Uma getting ready to do a short Promotional Video

One of things I wanted on Saturday was for all Projects to do a short Promotional Video filmed by Ash @ashtv.

This is Uma preparing for her short Promotional Video.


Ash @ashtv filming the Promotional Videos

Once again a HUGE #Steemit Shout Out to Ash @ashtv for filming all the Promotional Videos and I am looking forward to watching and sharing them with you when they are published.

Thanks for reading and thanks again for supporting #Promo-Steem, I really appreciate it.


Promoting #Steemfair and #Steemfair-uk

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APPICS is a wonderful project and a next generation social media App, which has already won best presentation award at the recently held Finovate Middle East Summit 2018 at Dubai.


We are not only sharing stories but telling our colleague and family friends lively and motivating them to join this life changing platform. This platform has changed my life so why not other can't change through this amazing platform? Surely, they can change too. We should promote this network to every person who needs such promising networks.

It's true that you are inspiration for us who motivate us and giving a solid reason to promote this platform to all. This will be growing up every day. BEST OF LUCK ALL :)

Well, Stephen it feels immensely great to see you both together @stephenkendal & @mrs.steemit to discuss the #appics ;)

I am convinced that you are always trying your level best to utilize the experience of 30 years to make this platform a place of win-win place.

Thank you so much for letting us know the technical point how #promo-steem works ;)

You are right.Facebook is just a waste of time.After joining steemit i spend most of my time on steemit

@stephenkendal you @appics and @promo-steem are doing great work for the growth of steemit and this is one of the best social media where people are doing good for all its platform for whole world.

Of the rights of individuals is the right of shopping
It was a great market and I had a great work done by an expert

Good job done, much appreciated. Keep promoting keep steeming.

As per my analysis from a last few days, currencies like monero and z cash have better future trading prospects for small investors, as bitcoin trading is looking more risky and giving less return in near future.
And I also strongly support the #deletefacebook and #joinsteemit movements with @stephenkendal

Keep it up sir, great work. We all supporter with you. Though we are small but inspired from yours.

Looking cool @stephenkendal...

Hi @stephenkendal, Go steemit go. Greetings

The use of Facebook just wasting of time steemit is hundreds times more valuable then Facebook. I like steemit

Waiting with great expectations for the development.

Great job keep it up more success to you sir 😍😍

You are doing a lot for this community i appreciate your efforts and appreciates @promo-steem and @appics too.

  ·  last year (edited)

You know i would rather join you on this journey. I am with you all the way sir. Promoting Steem is only natural to us, since it has also given us so much. Thank you so much for your efforts and persistence. You are the man!.

  ·  last year (edited)

not in doubt again .., this is what we've been waiting for all this time. and I will promote this in my place. hopefully with this we can change towards the better. thanks sir @stephenkendal

appics is just love <3
i have myself purchased some appics tokens in round C!
When is it gonna launch?

Interesting, APPICS is a good initiative, promoting this create a wonderful opportunities to the blockchain.

APPICS is a great social media and promise to change the world

I'm really happy to see you @stephenkendal with @mrs.steemit in a warm discussion about #appics.DQmVGawVM5wAocP844wFeUgVqmre7jMscukT5JrSfExWY6D.png
You have inspired everyone in the world to use this great Platform. And I will also tell all my friends and family to use steemit. I thank you @stephenkendal for giving me the ways to promote #promo-steem and the rules that apply in steemit.