😎View from my balcony 🐫in Giza, Egypt🦁. Amazing experience. 🏜 Toured the 💕Great ... — Steemit

😎View from my balcony 🐫in Giza, Egypt🦁. Amazing experience. 🏜 Toured the 💕Great ...

in appics •  13 days ago

... Pyramids & rode a🐫 camel.


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Not a bad view at all. I once rode a black stallion in that dessert around the pyramids. My horse was called "Shaitan" Satan and all the other horses were afraid of it haha. Epic times.


Blahahaha. That is a great story. My camel was named Valentino. A real lady killer. Happy Holidays.

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Phwoar! Hope you’re enjoying Egypt, @steemcafe . Never been but it’s on my list!

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It is crazy awesome. Sites, sounds, & the people. Thank you. See you down the road. #blessed 💓🤗

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Great view, it looks amazing. 😀


Is it cheap or expensive there at the place you stayed? With a view like that, I can imagine...


In Giza Egypt. Neighborhood was a little rough. A little dirty. $18.00 USD a night. Very reasonable. Views that were incredible.

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damnnn that looks awesome!

Wow! Who built the pyramids?


They said Egyptians. But..........🤔

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