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When is the best time to "EARN" the most "CRYPTO" when something new comes out?

You guess it right, the people who are the early adopters.

If you haven't heard the news, people can now earn (APX) Tokens while posting on the Appics App while earning Steem at the same time.

This is why I will be more focus on Appics in the next few weeks! I'm going to do my best to increase my APX stacks to get more influence on the platform.

Instead of trying to increase your influence the "slow way" from posts and curations, you can just start buying APX Tokens right now on Steem Engine!

So are you on Appics? If not, why not?

You can download the app for free right here. I will be looking forward to seeing your selfies! LOL


~ Charles Fuchs

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Bam! I'm changing up my game plan too...Gonna spend a big chunk of my efforts to accumulate as much APX as I can....Already staked a bunch...Still trying to figure out what happened to those that we bought when they did their ICO over a year ago lol

I’m trying to find people who have the most Appics and now trying to be their “friends” 😂😂😂

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You are now on my list. My 34K APX stake is waiting for your posts. :)

Haha 😆 Can I be on there too please 🙏

You just did that

lol i’m trying to stack these things and find the cool kids too lol

Sorry for the completely off topic comment, but i finally got my MCO Visa card and it's awesome! I got the 3% cash back version and I've been buying everything with it and just selling the cash back MCO tokens and putting them onto the card to buy more stuff. The MCO I've staked has gone up really nicely in value in the meantime as well. Thanks for letting everyone here know about it!

No biggie!! Thanks Bossman, I got my lovely referral commission also 😂. MCO is doing things right, been waiting for something like this for like 3 years 😎

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Stackin' Selfies!! Woot!! The blockchain needs more o' that!! 🕺😎 I should definately get posting on Appix 💪😂❤

You should! It’s like Instagram 😬

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Holly shit ! !!! Charles is up in the command center making moves with his sun glasses on and his STEEM shirt! Epic!

Dude with Appics I never know what is really going on because they were saying they were making it so people could post to EOS and STEEM but I'm not really hearing much about the EOS part and if the app is production ready and working.

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They just updated with some info at @appics. The product is working and you can earn APX tokens now. The token can be bought on steem engine and the new app has a wallet to powerup or power down. As for EOS, I think they are working on the integration 😀

Are you able to post videos through Appics?

Yeah, I think you can do quick snippet ones like Instagram. @mrs.steemit just did one. Check out her feed 😎

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That's cool. I will have to get on there and start posting a bunch of clips.

You better be upvoting me eheheh

I’ll do my best 😂

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Are the APPICS posts shared to Steem?

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Sure does!! Get APPICS and steem tokens! 🤑

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I’m posting and focusing on curating APPICS posts! I’ll be buying , too! What do you think is a “good” amount of staked tokens?

I’m not sure as of yet, there’s lots of people with big stakes in Appics but not so much steem. I’m atill trying to find them 😅... as for editing, yeah once I post on Appics, if you want to add more content, you will have to edit it on steemit 😀

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Stay focused my friend! I will be too!

Awesome!! You’re kicking butt in splinterlands also!! 😀

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I wish! haha, those tournaments are Brutal!!

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Crazy how long we have been waiting for APPICS and now that it is here the true grind begins. I am also focusing on Appics because I strongly believe in this project.

Was like 2 years! 😂... I’m lovin the project! 😎

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Looks like you are really focused..

I was pretending haha

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I think the APX project itself is a very interesting one but I'm not a selfie type, so I wonder how people like me can benefit from it.

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I'm the same @fiicjames. And I trust smartphone can do a lot more than just selfies

Yeah, I don't see any fun on just taking selfie now and then

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Isn’t that what being social is all about lol

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I need to do more research too ! If you find any good post explaining the situation I would gladly read it 😉

Same! So far so good but let’s see how big it can get 😎

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its pretty early to load APX like crazy the price is too high for steem engine tokens

Just stack dem up 😋

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When can we have the android app install? Seem nice way to earn another extra.

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You can bow, just go to the Appics website and download it 😀

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Need to apply before able to download?

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Do you edit your posts from another interface to get the format?

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Thanks for the info, definitely going to try it!

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