Peaking through the Appics curtain as I noticed the past few days my new ‘follows’ ...

in appics •  2 months ago 

... came though the Appics app. I’ve always enjoyed ‘crafting’ my Insta timeline with very low frequency but all very consistent in quality/mood photographs. I’m looking forward to moving that ‘game’ to Appics - no luch photographs from my hand, just some of my more poetic iPhone shots. And if you haven’t tried out Appics yet, it really is time to do so! We all want more high quality apps on mobile for Steem, right? Well, this one is at that level already. Cheers!


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Very subtile

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks and cheers!

I haven't tried appics yet 🙈 Im so bad... Lol
But I definitely Will if you think its a good one 😉👍 can you post there?

Yes! You can post there in a similar fashion as you would on Instagram, and this comment is made through Appics as well. Fancy, right? :D

I Will definitly check it out 😉👍 Thank you for sharing it and if my clueless mind don’t get it I Will ask you... Lol
Have a wonderful week. Much love 🤗🌹❤️

I may try it since my @partiko app is having significant issues for the last week.

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I would if it was on IOS.., can't find it so I assume its Android only.

It is on iOS, but not directly in the Apple Store. There is an app called "TestFlight" which runs the Appics app within it. I think you need to download it via a link on the website. I did it a long time ago so I don't remember exactly.

Sounds a bit ropey! Apple are strict about what they allow on their devices and outside jailbreak devices didn't know there were other ways to install apps.

EDIT: I see this app 'Testflight' is just for beta testing, installing it now.

Yes that's it, the app is still i "Beta" officially :)

Lurvely <3

I just downloaded the Appics app. Haven't started using it yet, but I intend to try it out soon.

Awesome! Hope it works for you. It's great to have some casual posting done on Steem :-)