Postcard pretty Goes, The Netherlands. Visiting Goes where my Parents ‘in law’ will ...

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Dear reader - Steem has been renamed to Hive since May 2020. My content therefore has moved with me to Hive, and I hope to see you there:


Every day, seeing the water!!!
brings joy to my heart

Oerhollands! Mooi

Oerhollands it is! :D Dankjewel <3

That's a good shot of the cool spot.

:D It is right? Thanks!

Beautiful, by the way following you "again"? I dunno I swear there is this glitch on steemit where sometimes I find that I have unfollowed people but I haven't... now I need to check alter if now I did the wrong way again LOL hahah or if it had to load or whatever :)

Lol @yidneth, I have a total deja vu, as I think this has happened before with us! Hahaha! :D Glad you followed me AGAIN :') Gina notified me so I think it went well :D

I do not know why it DOES HAPPEN but definitely it happens, I have not really unfollowed anyone every LOL well once I blocked Pechi by mistake hahaha LOL on my small phone hahaha but I really do not even post so often, I get in and check my feed but of course it shocked me I had to refollow.... well hahha as many times as needed, I am though intrigued by it... I once "unfollowed" Serena, and come on we are best friends LOL knowing that if it ever happens know it is not on purpose

I have seen this place so many times in photos that it feels like I have already been there :D Beautiful capture :)

Btw, Rosa, what is your Discord name and number please?

Haha! Yes, familiarity with places through photos is a real thing. Walking on Times Square is one huge deja vu for example :D

Discord: soyrosa#1544

Thanks, friend request sent (I suppose that´s needed to be able to contact you :)

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