Not that I have anything against appics vision, I sure will follow it and see if I like the result.

But LASSECASH is already on the market and a ready social media in less then a week.

With less promotion and no young beauty to promote it.. although a social media with rewards in the LASSECASH will be highly rewarding truth content and more personal style social media post.

The competition will be steep.. and we will all win :)

Appics is Appics and Lassecash is Lassecash.

What is the world without healthy competition?


Hope no one is afraid of heights 'cause we're headed to the top!

Appics is an actual application that runs on your smartphone. So it's very different from, which is just a clone of Steemit's website.

Probably, then we have to trust that application and is it ready?

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They have the beta you can download.

I dont trust it.

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LASSECASH has other settings and other distribution then STEEM, right now its cheap to become a whsle in LASSECASH

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Anyone can make a clone. Why not just make another Clone of Bitcoin and call it Bitsteem. And try to convince everyone that it's better because it's cheaper?

Do what you like.

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