There Are Dark Shadows On The Earth, But It’s Lights Are Stronger In The Contrast. ...

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... 🌟 #open #mindset #positive #thinking #Greece #Mykonos This place in Mykonos was truly magical. Greece has some powers that I still haven’t discovered yet. It felt like being on another continent. The atmosphere, food, architecture, people, nature and the weather blew me away. Sending much love to you - Namaste, Soldier


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I am really happy that you liked my country Soldier😊 I guess this energy that you feel is the sun. It shines in a unique way here and lights the colours and the souls of the people and brings the beauty out of them😊


I agree 100%!

That's the most amazing shot looking great along with some great positive vibes :)


Thank you so much 🙏🏼

Well seems like you really are enjoying it out in there :)

Beautiful. Greece is a wonderful country with their truly remarkable history... we are glad you enjoyed it there.
Seem On @soldier 💫

How beautiful...😊

Have a great weekend

Hehehe....It looks as if you're walking on water!