You Can’t Play City Rules When You Live In A Jungle 🐍 | TRAVEL DIARIES #Appics ...

in appics •  2 months ago

... #Jungle #Meditation #SanDiego #Travel #Nature || Detailed Post Coming Soon || Stay Focused || Namaste - Soldier


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Exactly, you're lOoking cute 😊 by the way waiting for your next vlog


I will work on that :-)

Looking so lovely and calm @soldier. Beauty in the jungle.


Thank you 🙂

Detailed Post Coming Soon.

I'll wait to see it @soldier. Exactly tremendous photo capture in San Diego.


Thank you 😊

Excellent photo and you are very beautiful!


Thanks! :)

so nice to see you @soldier !!!
Best regards from #Solingen #NRW Germany


Greetings from California ☀️

Really a great place I wish you enjoyed your time a lot


Thank you @roselover ! I did enjoy my time in San Diego

Magical photo <3 like a piece of heaven. Deserves to be painted.


Thank you so much. Having a painting would be amazing but thats not one of my talents unfortunately

Welcome @soldier
Very nice photo really.
Thanks for sharing


Thanks! Appreciate it

Wow @soldier is awesome photo. It's really true . We Can’t Play City Rules When You Live In A Jungle 🐍
Dear shared it on twitter.


Thank you @moniristi , I really appreciate your support!


You are most welcome dear @soldier it's my pleasure.

Really true that is and such a fabulous shot


Are you posting this from APPICS app?

That sums it up but yeah you can enjoy the time while you are in there :)

You do look great by the way :)


Thank you!!!

Always looking beautiful


Appreciate it 🙏🏼


You take great pictures ;)

Nice picture Soldier as always. 🙌🏼


very cute