Todo Tiene Belleza, Pero No Todo El Mundo Lo Ve 🌺

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Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it


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Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it

Changing your mindset

Living a basic life can be depressive sometimes. Waking up early in the morning, getting ready for work, making the same amount of money every month, coming back home but tired as hell, making some food, watching TV and falling asleep to get up early in the morning to repeat the exact same steps over and over again. Who feels addressed? 

We get taught a schedule that leads us to a lifestyle which honestly makes us to slaves of the government. Every individual has a different talent and everyone needs to be treated differently. From the early ages on, we get taught to hide our talents, be attentive in school, forget about our hobbies and as soon as we get older, we look up to people with 9 to 5 jobs, who are living a "secure" lifestyle. Maybe some of those people are happy because it is their passion to work for others and do the same things day by day, month by month for the rest of their lives. But we even haven´t had a chance to discover what we like and what we wanted to be apart from the decision which college we want to attend or which education we want to choose. 

It is time to break through these chains and discover your creativity. Every single one of you has a soul that is waiting for you to explore what hidden talents you´ve got. Life is not about following the rules and walking the path that others have already walked before you. It´s about breaking the rules and create a path that wasn´t discovered yet! 

I had a great talk with my friend @moonleesteem today and I just realized that some people were given the power to teach people becoming stronger, independent and confident! This platform is just the beginning of what is waiting for us in the future. I can not wait to share my experiences and take you on my journey to a more confident, independent and happier life! 

By the way, sunsets really give me the strength to recover my thoughts and build the creativity that is still sleeping inside of me. 


- Soldier

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Hola @soldier definitivamente encuentro tremenda belleza en esa foto jajaja. Un saludo


Gracias @dim753 :)

What drink is it you're holding in this picture?


It is actually a non-alcoholic cocktail specialized by the bar tender.


Lucky you to try a new drink while traveling :-)

Very inspirational post... Thanks for the mention 👍


Sure :)

That is a nice sunset :) with a cocktail it is always better :)


Thanks ;)

hello !!!!! excellent article I will give you my votes and I will follow you I encourage you to continue publishing content of interest like this .. I hope your support follow me and vote. Blessings


Thank you, appreciate it! Upvoted :)

Looking beautiful soldier....Roger! ;)


Thank you so much!

Very beautiful picture, dear
Really you are a very beautiful girl


Thank you my friend, appreciate it!

great post.
I love your paige ;)

You'r looking so beautiful mam

everything is beautiful only those who has a pure heart can see it :) anyways that a beautiful post with some great thoughts :D

I couldnt agree more. As a youth I found so much happiness in drawing and playing video games. Somewhere along the way my mind state shifted, and I became set on fulfilling some abstract defniiton of sucess, that largely led me down a path of "building other peoples dreams." New technologies: steemit, Dlive, twitch, and soon Appics have given me so much in terms of unleashing myself from what woudl have been the monotomous wake up, work, come home, eat, watch TV, go to sleep, repeat.

looking forward to seeing you unleash more of your creative potential on steemit and the like.

Life is more than just living. It is also living well. Yes money puts food on the table but what food and how you eat is still up to you. This is what we find escapes us sometimes, we are driven to do and say things because it is expected of is not because it is what we want or even need.

We all need a bit of self reflection sometimes, because if we don't know ourselves how can we know if we are happy or sad?

I am glad you take time to be yourself @soldier it is so easy to be distracted by the frantic pace of the city or demanding schedule of family or friends.

For myself , sunrises and sunset both have a special meaning for me as both have been a magical time for me too. Watching the sun rise with someone you love is fulfilment in a special way, watching the sun set with your friends is awesome in a wholly different way.

I have a love of astronomy and gazing at the stars but living in one of the brightest cities on the planet makes seeing them a rare event for me. One day I hope to travel to deepest Russia or Mexico or anywhere so remote that you get to see the sky as you are supposed to see it, and just get overwhelmed with emotion at the enormity of the universe and your tiny part within it.

Is it dark where you are @soldier? Or shall we have to run away together to find time to look at the stars ? ;)