Everyone You Meet Has Something To Teach You. 💫☝🏽

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I have met so many people in life even though I am still very young. From good to bad, calm to crazy, nice to boring. I have gone through hard times but experienced the best time of my life as well. ( for now 😉)

When I was younger, I really struggled in school but not because of my grades, because people wanted to see me fail. I guess many of you sadly made this kind of experience. 

Well, this time made me incredibly strong. I was never really angry at those people because I knew they had problems with themselves and tried to ignore them by pushing me down. I have learned that no matter what is going on in your life, try to blame yourself for this situation and no one else. Because you are the only one who is able to change what is happening. It took me years to understand that but with the help of my mentor, family and friends, I have learned to be true to myself. 

You might came across the question why certain people entered your life because it made things just worse, confused or they left you with unanswered questions. Those people came into your life for a reason. No one is perfect and it is natural to make mistakes. Think about the details and figure out what happened to you and what have you learned during this period of time.... 

T H I N K !

Stay focused

Love, Soldier 

(btw - this ringlight from the Picture was incredible)

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Hi @soldier... I like how you pull at the bottom...
Think...🤔 that is good advice for us all ✅


Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback

Your eyes looks like diamonds.

You seems like an wise young woman.


Thank you @lasseehlers !

You are very pretty mam like beauty of nature


Thanks @abdt :)

@soldier you are a very pretty blonde, wonderful words <3


Thank you my dear, really appreciate it

Yes agreed and that is how we can grow and will keep those words in my mind !


We should!!!

simply beautiful, you look like a doll blessings @soldier


Thanks my dear <3 Blessings back to you

I totally agree with you. All the people in our lives are there for a reason. Even if they are hurting us, it is only to make us stronger and wiser and better at the end and it is very important to recognize that so that we can keep on growing and learning.
Beautiful message @soldier


Right! Doesn´t matter if people came for good or bad. They are lessons so we get stronger! Always keep that in mind. I think that everything happens for a reason

Hi. Usually the selfish people want evil for others, I congratulate you for moving forward .. you are young and beautiful and now you have to walk ... I vote for you. I humbly invite you to visit my profile and support me ... Thank you.


Hey @mlaura , thanks for the support. I left a vote on your recent post :)

True words @soldier. My forever crush. Love you to bits.


Ohh thanks! Appreciate your kind words 🙏🏽

you have faced many challenges and you are one of a kind no one can be like you and you are the inspiration to many :)


Thank you my dear! I appreciate your support and everyone should know that no one is alike. We are all special and one of a kind!

people want to see you fail sounds like you have a lot of haters. which imo means you must be doing something right


I guess... 🤷🏼‍♀️

we have to learn the good things about people, and learn from the bad things.


We have to learn the
Good things about people, and
Learn from the bad things.

                 - osita21

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Aye, meeting new people is an unsung joy really. I mean not meeting in terms of dealing with the public etc, though that can have some rewards. No, that chance encounter with someone you never conceivably could have met under any other circumstances but you bond like it was always meant to be.

This happened to me on a flight to see a friend in a country I had never been to, when the person sitting next to me was just friendly like me. Circumstances conspired and our connecting flight was delayed by about an hour. They needed to phone ahead but had no credit left on their phone for the internet, so I offered to let them use my phone as a hotspot so the could send a message on over the internet to let their friends know what was going on and how late we were going to be.

I was happy to help and so I was grateful when they then helped me through customs at the other end and stayed with me while I sorted out my luggage and met my friend who was waiting for me.

Of course we exchanged numbers and now we talk every so often since. I feel very lucky and so it is such chance encounters that really can be special.

So remember, a stranger is a friend you have just not met yet.