#sexbeatchallenge 😈 I used to try out various sports such as soccer, cheerleading, ...

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... swimming, basketball, gymnastics and many more when I was a kid. Once I turned 11 years old, I discovered a dance workshop near my city and participated immediately. I fell in love with moving my body to the rhythm and not having to adhere to any rules 🕊

From that day, it became my biggest passion and I never turned my back on it.

Did you know that dance lowers stress and raises levels of happy hormones like dopamine? It also boosts your heart rate and increases the blood flow throughout the body including the brain 🧠⚡️
Especially in times of a crisis, it is important to boost your immune system, raise your vibration and strengthen your belief! You won’t feel any better if you keep laying on the sofa, eating crap and feeding your mind with nonsense.

As I am almost “preaching” 😅 in all of my posts, use your time wisely. Every downside has it’s upside. I know it is tough to think positive and get up moving but once you did it, you will feel much better! Build your determination and use this quarantine as a “Soldier Boost Camp”😉

There are 3 very important parts in our lives - the body 🧘‍♂️- the mind 🧠- and the soul 💫🕊
Spend some time feeding your mind with knowledge, workout every morning (even a quick yoga session would be fine), practice meditation daily and work on your breathing technique.

To dance always helped me to process my emotions and disconnect myself from society. Whenever I put on music, I’m in another dimension 🪐 while letting go of any negative thoughts and feeling how my mood is positively changing.

I call it a soldier boost camp because people always underestimate me because of my appearance. While others spend time watching Netflix, it’s your chance to give yourself an upgrade and finish this quarantine as a new human! 🦾

With that being said, turn on your music, get moving and show me what you got ✨You can join the APPICS team on TikTok (@appics) by doing the #sexbeatchallenge with me or create your own little dance and share it on APPICS 🙌🏽

Sending much love to you! 🤍


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Wow 🤩...! You nailed it do good ✨✨!

Thank you 🙌🏽

Wow Girl Your on Fire!🔥 I will leave this awesome challenge for the Girls out there, lol!

I feel you in spirit 😌💫 I really appreciate you for always reading my texts down to the bottom. Love you Karen!

Yeaahhhh das kommt Killa !! 💯!!

Danke 😌🦾🙏🏽

This girl is on fiyahhh! 🔥 🔥🔥

Thanks love 😩💛



Thanks 🙏🏽 When are you coming to APPICS? ☺️

Soldier about to burn the whole damn place down 🔥🔥

I’m trying... keeping the vibes high during this corona stuff

What can I say now, so shut of words. Well, you killed those moves girl. Bravo 👍

Thank you 😩🙏🏽

I need to learn some moves from you

I’m so down for it!

I could never even be 10% as good as You are eheheh

That’s not true 🙄 you just have to practice your movements every day

I may not be sure of anything going on in the world ryh now, but I'm sure you can dance. Dammmmn!

Oh thanks 😌

Thats cool :) Appics is on fireeee 😀

Indeed 😉🔥

Shake it! :)

Wow great dance👏👏.You are on fire🔥🔥

Appreciate your words! Trying my best 🦾

so amazing dance 🔥🔥

Thank you 😊

Ohhhh heyyyyyyyyyyyy 🔥🔥🔥

You are a game changer❤💪. And you are on fire🔥

Doing my best 🙏🏽 much love!

Thank you 😊

Great moves! Keep up the great work. The effects are really cool too. If you don’t mind me asking what kind of app did you use for that flame effect?

I recorded this video with “TikTok” and they have several effects! But the purple flames are one of my favorites!

It is so good

Thx 🙌🏽

Uhh ysabells choreo, heftig- ich hab auch überlegt die Challenge zu machen haha. Gekillt 🔥💜

Danke ☺️ let’s gooo warte auf dein Entry 😉

oh my god you have to teach me how to dance like this wow 😍😍😍😍

Definitely ☺️ as soon as we’re back!!! Miss u

Great hot dancing , nice , have a good weekend

Thank you Wolfgang 🙌🏽