Sweet baby! Animals are truly mans best friend. You look beautiful xxx

Thanks Love!

So true this diamond marketing should be replaced with true love of and for living beings

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I agree 100%
True love is priceless but society taught us to value material things like diamonds more. Times are changing, we are changing and so is the consciousness of the people shifting 💪🏼

Two beautiful females in one picture ☺️


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So nice ☺️



Thanks 😌

Exactly! Cute dog, Awesome picture!!!

Thank you beautiful!

lol truth and diamonds seriously are over rated.

I agree 👀

Cute hairy being :)

Definitely 😉

Cute Dog and Pretty Owner yeahhh

Haha thanks!

dogs are love !!!

infact they are humans best friend !

Indeed! 🙏🏽

Awwwwwe! So true and so cute. What a fabulous shot @soldier ! We have a Boarder Collie named "Brain" , He is 16 years old now and Our Best Friend!

Cute! ☺️✨ This is Lilly, she is 6 years old but unfortunately, we can only guess what race she is because she is a survivor from Spain and they couldn’t tell us details about her parents. But she is the most shining light in the family. Her character is just golden 🙏🏽

Awe, that is so awesome I love her name Lilly! you are both so lucky to have found each other!❤🐕🐶

And obviously ...

Soldier's are a dogs best friend.

Hehe yes! I love animals

Great shot.

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Thanks :)

Enjoy Appics! App starts be interesting ,)

I agree 😊

honestly.. dogs are the best thing in the world.

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