‼️🚨4 Days Left To Enter To Win APX Tokens🚨‼️ 😁Thank you to everyone who has ...

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... entered into our SmileyAppics Fun Challenge so far. We have gotten a good amount of entries so far that have made us laugh and smile. 🤗Please continue to share the fun and 🗣 spread the word around to the other Appics users. We 👀 look forward to judging the new incoming photos and videos before we decide and announce the winners on Friday, reward the 5,000 APX 🤩 and begin a brand new Challenge for us all to join in 🤝 and grow as a community.💪🏽

😊The 🤑Smiley ☺️Appics 🙃Fun 😝Challenge 😁

Win Free APX Tokens With The Best Creative Selfies & Videos That Make Us Laugh And Smile!
Created By The Winchester Family

😎”Everyday can be a Fun Day on Appics with your creative post!”😜

How To Join The Smiley Appics Fun Challenge:

‼️📏THE RULES!!!📏‼️

  1. Post a Fun-Post... It can be you in a 🤳🏻Selfie with you smiling😄, it can also be a video where you sing🎤 us a funny song🎼, or you make a funny video🎬, or you perform comedy for us🎭. You can post anything that you think would make us 😆laugh 😂 and spread the 🤣happiness and 🤭positive energy around in our community. Each participant is allowed to submit two entries total per Challenge Week so choose wisely. THIS WEEK’S THEME IS: 🙃Your Best Smiley Selfie!😋
  1. The Smiley Appics Fun Challenge will 🏃🏾‍♀️run🏃🏾‍♂️ from Friday to Friday 24/7 so you will have a week to post and join in on the fun before the 🎗winners🎗 are announced and the new contest begins the same day. Each new contest will have a new theme, some themes may be repeated later down the road.

  2. To all participants/contestants, be sure to share, upvote, and leave comments on other community members' entries, as well as, your own. We are sharing 💛Appics love💛 also, so don't be shy with your upvotes. We can all grow together. The more ⬆️upvotes your entry to this challenge has, the better chance you have at winning🏆 and placing in the top 3 🥇🥈🥉selected at the end of each Challenge Week.

  3. ⚠️Important info for your post! Be sure to use the hashtag #smileyappics for your entry to be considered valid. The 🔑key 🗝 to winning is to follow the rules, be original, be creative, and have fun. ⚠️

  4. 🗓Every Friday, we will announce the winners from the previous week, 🎉celebrate their wins and prizes 🎁💰💵and then a new Fun Challenge will begin, so join the Fun! You could be one of the next winners! 💪🏽Let's Go!!!!...👊

🙀That’s 😱 Right! 😮
🚀We’re taking you to the top of the mountain⛰ , and then the moon! 🌙

🥇1st Place wins and receives 2,500 APX Tokens for making us laugh and smile! 😍
🥈 2nd Place wins and receives 1,500 APX Tokens for making us laugh and smile! 😘
🥉3rd Place wins and receives 1,000 APX Tokens for making us laugh and smile! 😆


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Will try to take part

Yeahhhh we are on track ✨👌🏿

Yes all on board 🚀 for more Fun 😀 Glad to have you here with us

Already made my quota for this first challenge! Had a lot of fun participating! Good luck to all and looking forward to the next! Go go Appics!!!

Yes Go go Appics 🚀 we are always on the move

Loving this challenge and all the Happy Selfie Entires!! All ready entered my quota for this week, looking forward to next week's challenge! Upped and resteemed now on Steemit to help spread the fun!😃👍😂

Thank you my Dear... we are so Happy 😀 you join us 🚀

💪🏽💪🏽 Done and done! Looking forward to the next one! 😁

Thanks for the support... keep smiling 😁

Awesome Contest: Here is my entry ... #smileyappics


Smiley Lola drawn by Sophia (6)


Amazing 👍🍀