😊The 🤑Smiley ☺️Appics 🙃Fun 😝Challenge 😁 Win Free APX Tokens With The Best ...

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... Creative Selfies & Videos That Make Us Laugh And Smile!
Created By The Winchester Family

😎”Everyday can be a Fun Day on Appics with your creative post!”😜

How To Join The Smiley Appics Fun Challenge:

‼️📏THE RULES!!!📏‼️

  1. Post a Fun-Post... It can be you in a 🤳🏻Selfie with you smiling😄, it can also be a video where you sing🎤 us a funny song🎼, or you make a funny video🎬, or you perform comedy for us🎭. You can post anything that you think would make us 😆laugh 😂 and spread the 🤣happiness and 🤭positive energy around in our community. Each participant is allowed to submit two entries total per Challenge Week so choose wisely. THIS WEEK’S THEME IS: 🙃Your Best Smiley Selfie!😋
  1. The Smiley Appics Fun Challenge will 🏃🏾‍♀️run🏃🏾‍♂️ from Friday to Friday 24/7 so you will have a week to post and join in on the fun before the 🎗winners🎗 are announced and the new contest begins the same day. Each new contest will have a new theme, some themes may be repeated later down the road.

  2. To all participants/contestants, be sure to share, upvote, and leave comments on other community members' entries, as well as, your own. We are sharing 💛Appics love💛 also, so don't be shy with your upvotes. We can all grow together. The more ⬆️upvotes your entry to this challenge has, the better chance you have at winning🏆 and placing in the top 3 🥇🥈🥉selected at the end of each Challenge Week.

  3. ⚠️Important info for your post! Be sure to use the hashtag #smileyappics for your entry to be considered valid. The 🔑key 🗝 to winning is to follow the rules, be original, be creative, and have fun. ⚠️

  4. 🗓Every Friday, we will announce the winners from the previous week, 🎉celebrate their wins and prizes 🎁💰💵and then a new Fun Challenge will begin, so join the Fun! You could be one of the next winners! 💪🏽Let's Go!!!!...👊

🙀That’s 😱 Right! 😮
🚀We’re taking you to the top of the mountain⛰ , and then the moon! 🌙

🥇1st Place wins and receives 2,500 APX Tokens for making us laugh and smile! 😍
🥈 2nd Place wins and receives 1,500 APX Tokens for making us laugh and smile! 😘
🥉3rd Place wins and receives 1,000 APX Tokens for making us laugh and smile! 😆


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Thanks glad to Be on Board 🚀

Looking forward to see all the smiles 😁 and spread more happiness & positivity with this challenge 💕 great Initiative!

Thanks, yes let’s spread the Happiness 🍀

Is this actually a contest by @sirwinchester I will try to join soon!! Awesome initiative my friend!

Yes, hello Karen, thank you. I am actually Tony’s mother, and Tony’s whole family is inside and we host the contest.

Awesome 👍 Looking forward to participating in the contest 😊

Great, we are looking forward to you participating soon 😃

I will also Upvote this later frim the Newcomer- northham account.

Thank you for your support Karen 🙂

Awe, that is so awesome! Following you now, will enter soon!!

Cool another awesome 😎 challenge 👍

Thanks I hope you will join us 🍀


Thank you 👍

Happy to welcome this awesome New contest to Appics ! Greetings from British Columbia Canada @karenmckersie

Thanks again for the Warm Welcome... we are so happy to be a part of Appics 🍀

Super cool! Keep smiling 😉😂😁

Thanks and you too 🙃🍀

wow!!! wonderful initiative, I'm in already.

Thanks 😁🍀

Welcome to Appics 😜

Thank You 😁🍀

Wow! Awesome initiative. Looking forward to see lot of smiles😀😊.

Thanks... The more smiles the better 😁🍀

This is simply an amazing contest to bring smile on our lovely peeps faces! I've just entered my first entry🤣🤣🤣, but looks like the #smileyappics did not pick up! Hope my little video will bring some smile around 🤪🤪🤪.

Thanks... keep smiling, we will check your video now 🍀