Major APPICS App Update | APX Token, Integrated Wallet & APX Power!

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Today we released a major app update which includes the integrated wallet as well as our native APX token.

From now on, APPICS users are earning APX token in addition to Steem inside the APPICS app!

Users are now also able to stake their APX as voting power, increasing their voting weight and influence in the network, therefore assigning a higher value to other people’s posts - or their own.

⚠️ when starting to use your voting power, please make sure to TEST it with small percentages first and adjust your upvote-slider. carefully for each vote!

Peace ✌🏾 much love and enjoy the update!


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Finally!!! 😊💪🏼 here we come!!! 💣🎊 🎉😄


I'm notified in the app that I need to update it. But when I click "update" I am just redirected to a Google Play page that is empty.

Absolutely fabulous🙌🏾 You guys are amazing🥂

Thanks a lot 🙌🏾

thank you ☺️

Yay!! So glad to see this! I will be making some posts in a bit 💕🧚🙌

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👌🏾 sounds good!

Thank you so much for all your heard work and positive creation. I am convinced that Appics is milestone for Steem and I cannot express enough gratitude that you stayed with this blockchain and didn't go somewhere else, when things were looking not so great. We are seeing a new dawn for content creation and I am ready to create images like never before!

I’m looking forward to that! The APPICS community is so strong and we will continue to grow together. Thank you for your support 🙏🏾 It is much appreciated

Congratulations boss and team. Finally everyone celebrating the release of this feature. Cant explain how much happy i am. Thank you for making part of your journey. excited about wonderful time ahead.

Thank you for your support! 🙏🏾🚀

Yaaay! I'm so excited 🥰🥰😍😍😍


nice one ❤️ gonna check it out. will use appics more now during the steemfest

Sounds great! I am looking forward to seeing Steemfest content here on APPICS 💥

Woot Woot ! So Stoked for you @sirwinchester and the whole Appics Team! Patience and Persistence finally paid off, its been a long wait but I always knew this day would come, and never gave up, CONGRATULATIONS!! GO TEAM APPICS!!!

Thank you for believing in us and the project! Exciting times ahead 💥

Yes for sure Go Team Appics!!👍🥰

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Love this Update! 🔝

🙌🏾 happy to hear that

Glückwunsch Tony und Team Appics! 🎉 🔥 Sieht nach einer unglaublichen Geschichte aus die erst begonnen hat🙌🏼

Vielen Dank- das ist auf jeden Fall erst der Anfang 💪🏾

Loving the app! Well done guys, truly amazing what you managed to accomplish. Is there a way to update to the latest version in iOS to see the balance in APX?

You should be able to see your APX Balance after the latest update. Just visit Testflight and do the update if you haven’t already. Afterwards, you just click on the $ amount in your profile and you should be able to see the token in your wallet.

Wow! The introduction of APX token is awesome. This would attract more people to use it.

However, I think provision should be make for people to upload more than one post.

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The UI is so nice

Its nice to have the update. But I can't see any option to get into the wallet in version 1.24.4

@rishi2184 The bounty tokens will be distributed together with the public launch of the app because we are currently using the bounty campaign for feedback etc. But don’t worry, you will get your bounty tokens and for now you are still able to post and I will leave an upvote for sure.

Updating... will check it later.


Amazing, great work! 🚀

Thank you 🙏🏾

How can we check our APX rewards?

This is great news!

💪🏾💥 Thanks

Thanks. Great. Upvoted. 🚀🚀


Great. I will have to check it out.

Sounds good! 👌🏾

Uuuuu yes! I was waiting for this!

Thank you for your patience 🙏🏾 Enjoy the update!

Oh after long waiting 🤩❤

Thank you for your patience. Enjoy the update :)

Yeass! Thanks for working so hard and delivering on the promises... Its been a long road.. and looking to go more further...

Thank you for your patience and for believing in the APPICS team! Exciting times ahead 🚀

Going to test it out right now :)

Awesome 😌👌🏾



Awesome! Congrats! 🥳👏👍

Thanks 🙏🏾😊

Awesome man! Congrats on this update!

Thanks a lot. Appreciate it!

Great news ! How do we see our APPICS tokens ?

You can see your APX tokens when you click on the $ amount on your profile then you will be forwarded to the integrated wallet where you can see your APPICS power as well as your Steem power

Great 👍. Thanks. All APX were given if you had participated in the token sale ? None for previous users right ?

Correct, only users who participated in the token sale received their APX tokens but you can get APX already on Steem Engine.

I participated in the bounty and had earned a little amount of bounty but now showing 0 in the web page. One more thing is - how is everyone using emoji and on my keyboard its missing. Sorry to bug with these silly questions on this celebration day.

Just visited the website from desktop and it says earned12 stakes and token balance is 0 APX and the steem account which I just confirmed isn't showing as confirmed.

Congratulations @sirwinchester!
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Fantastic job! Are all the wallets activated or only certain people? I cannot see any of my Apx tokens purchased during ICO in my wallet.

Have you already confirmed your Steem username via Email on ? If so, your tokens will be distributed in round 2 of the token distribution.

Thank you for your reply. I did that couple of days back. I thought that might be the reason. When is the round 2 going to take place? Is there any chance to speed it up? Thx.

Awesome! :-) great work! ;)

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Thanks a lot 🙏🏾 @truestories

Well done I’m proud of your leadership throughout

Thanks Olumide 🙏🏾

Just testing the new app version!

Nice! 👌🏾