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Do you grow any edible stuff like bananas?


No. They attract a lot of bugs, bees and humans.


Oh the bugs eat the banana fruit? It's good to help out the bees. It would probably pretty annoying and maybe even scary having random humans in your yard. lol

They almost look like butterflies :)

This flower so beautifull to giving it as a gift

Very beautiful orchid. I really like this flower. U took picture very well.

This one is mind blowing I really feel refreshed to see it. Thanks for sharing this adorable picture. Awesome Photography.

Wonderful orchilds rose

Beautiful orchid flowers blooming .
Beautiful colours pink.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful gifts.

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Beautiful photographs nice pic

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Beautiful pic

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Wow. This look beautiful

very beautiful flower

This flower is well suited to being planted in front of a house


This flower is well
Suited to being planted
In front of a house

                 - sayfruddin

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This flower usually thrives during the tropical season