a cryptopreneur who has BTC as a magic potion ahaha nice drawing

Molto Grazie

Soooo cool!!! Pls tell me if you are on insta so that I can “insta story” this😊

Thank you. My IG name is @sandro.ieva

So many details, you could not have drawn it better !! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #cryptogang #cryptogang 🎶 hahah

Great work Sandro 👌 Crypto Asterix 😀

So a sec I thought it was super mario haha

Hahaha cool idea for that one 😁👌

Glad you like it

So amazing artwork 😍

wow so amazing 😍 good artwork 😎

That's cool, I love Asterix. 😁

Hahaa.. love it 😝

Beautiful art work

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