How to add multiple links to your APPICS profile or other Social Media accounts ? ...

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Some of you may wondering why Instagram and other Social Media platforms just offering the option to add just one link to your website.

The Service Provider Linktree came up with cool solution for that and its FREE to use. If you like to extend your functions there is also a paid version, but that’s up to you.

In this Short Video we show you how it works. Have fun with it 🙂


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Really!! Love u APPICS

OMG this is so useful! Im gonna try it right now

Yes, so simple and useful 🙂

Great info, let me try this tonight!

Feel free to use on all your other social media’s so that we can spread the Word about APPICS together 🌎

Just now i put it on my instagram after this video

Awesome thanks 💪😊 Will try it out when I wake up, good night!

That’s really cool!! thank you for showing this trick 👏🏽👏🏽

wow it looks so amazing and easy 😎 i will defenitely try it bro 😎 thanks for sharing 👊

Thank for sharing this trick bro 😉😉 cool solution 😎

Thanks so so so much for this

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