When I was a kid 😁 Dance was always a big passion of me and I wish I had the time ...

in #appics4 years ago

... to still practicing, but old memories always last. Here is a small clip I was part of with some BBoy actions. Sometimes I dance with my kids and we are freaking out LoL Even my little one has some own moves. It’s really about expression and kids should be able to do that. When I think back my mom never really respect BBoying, for her it was like just jumping on the floor 😂 So matter what do your thing even your parents don’t like, because the only one who is responsible to beeing Happy is yourself.


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Beautiful dance ☺🙂🙂

nice video and so true words💯🙏🏼one major point that we do follow as well with our kids, that they should decide how they want to express themselves and we give them the room for creativity.🤙🏼all the best to you and your family👍🏻

That’s nice to hear. Much love and thank you

Great bro, I agree do what you do and enjoy it. Especially now. Don't wait do it. Express yourself. Its a way of life. Be well and keep the groove going. Stay awesome

Thank you for the nice worlds

Why can't I spot you? I used to dance too. My taste in music changed. It made me stop.

Maybe because of my short hair hahaha. What music do hear now?

Slower ones, and I recently started Falling in love with rap because of NF. You know him?

I will check it out. Relaxing music is important 👌

Lol. NF can be all tough some times. He does have some relaxing track though. Like lost in the moment, I'll keep on, mansion, only, options, no excuses. Lol don't mind me. I just became a really passionate fan so fast

It is never to late to follow dreams.

Awesome moves and video💥💥💥

Thank you. Glad you like the clip

You killing it🔥🔥

wow really so amazing dance 😍

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