Good morning all. Steem is awakening after the HIVE fork, Binance announced to support ...

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... the Hive AirDrop. This could be the beginning of some exiting times. Let’s see which direction Bitcoin will go next, bellow 4K or 6-7K next. Iam more bullish atm as I trust Crypto more than FIAT atm. But Longterm we all know where crypto will go 🙂


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This is really something great to hear in the morning

See you on hive! 😎

That’s by far the craziest pump steem has ever seen.

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Such an amazing pump 😍 Lets see what happened next ✌

yeh this is so amazing 👍👌👌 Hope APPICS will also done better 🚀🌛

And what will happen to Appics?

Wow it is so good 😍😊😊

It is so good 😍😍😍

Will Appics switch to Hive as well? Exciting times ahead. I’m bullish on BTC. Stocks are still down and BTC up today. We have to wait and see😉

BTC has made its decision where to go - it sits at $6.5K this morning. The question #1 to me is which direction the Appics will turn. To freedom and decentralisation, or colaboration with dictator Justin Sun ???

I believe appics community deserves to be informed a bit more. The clock is ticking.... no time is left

I guess we should technically go with Hive! That's why we all are here.. But even if Appics stays neutral - and is with Bith Steeem & Hive.. that would be okay too.. but preferably HIVE!

What is Neutral? Kissing the b... to dictator Mr. Sun is NEUTRAL? Is this a joke? Neutral to me is having a choice to select, where my Appics posts goes, to HIVE or to Steem. And my choice is clear. Someone saying that we are neutral today - is simply a liar.

Good talk though.. i think users should have the freedom to select. That will be truly neutral.

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