Mother love ❤️

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Assalamu alaikum

Hi Everyone I hope you are all fine and enjoying this beautiful platform. Today i am telling about sweet mom ❤️ Today's generation shakes up your parents and tries his heart. Parents have increased your handle from childhood till today. Make your life a good life, but I am sorry, on today's youth, they abuse their parents and kill them. Remember the time when you were in your mother's stomach. From now on, your mother has increased your desire to nourish you. Today, people do not serve their mothers and do not serve them They close in a room and then don't even ask them how they are. They just stick to their wife and forget their mother. Whenever they bring something from the market, they stick to their mother and give it to their wife. They did not see my mother. When you were young, your mother did not eat herself. She used to feed you first and then she used to say to herself. They think that our parents are not parents, they do not serve them. If you are living with your wife, I will request so much that you are serving your parents, do not leave it alone at any time, give it some time in your heart, it will not waste your time, but your world and the hereafter will be happy, but you will not be able to serve your parents. If you are successful in the world, your mother will give you prayers. In the hereafter, even if the parents ask him to go, they will tell you that the mother is the one who is waiting for your mother father.

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