I wonder if NYC is still the way I know it. I think the whole world's about to change ...

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... a lot. Here you see the New York City Hall with the administration building in the background, the Municipal Building. I never thought I would find such great architectural buildings in downtown.....Architecture should always be an expression of its time and environment, but should strive for timelessness-Frank Gehry-


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Wonderful building, good shot 👍

Today it seems voting works fine! Lets check commenting! 😊😊

Hi☺️works fantastic 👍

The building is really beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this picture.❤

The building is so beautiful.. Good shot .. 😕

Looks so very beautiful building 👌

Wow! Really beautiful... Great shot 👌👌

Beautiful place..🙂🙂

Wonderful view 😍 good shot 👍📷

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It’s still a beautiful place and very resilient.

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