I have a very extreme reaction to bee stings. But I overcame my fear and got close ...

in #appics2 years ago

... to a bee... Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live-Dorothy Thompson-


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Good for you. I love them and wish I had a hive but hubby says no.

Could this be a queen bee

wow so beautiful 😍

Beautiful insect

Hey @sagittarius, this post been upvoted with my voting power, individually calculated here for your account.

Really beautiful... Great click 👌👌

Wow.. So beautiful.. What a shot😑

WoW 🤩, she let itself to be photographed ? Careful if she come backs to have its share of APX !

Wow so beautiful shot📸

Awesome close up you are so brave lol! My hubby is alergic.

Close shot 👍📷

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