It is cold today, windy and sometimes it rains.....What remains is the sofa and ...

in #appics2 years ago

... Appics! I would like to show you something funny (for me)...”I've been digging like crazy and I think it's stupid that I have to go home"... Lilly sticks her tongue out at me... 😆🙈

Man's ability to communicate is enormous, but most of what he says is hollow and wrong. The language of animals is limited, but what they express is important and useful. Any little honesty is better than a big lie-Albert Schweitzer-

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So cute your dog- like this pic 😁

..ya, well said mr. Schweitzer’s

Appics is really making things a lot better for many of us for sure. Ive just posted a funny face of mine...hahahaha! Happy everything else!

I've already seen and voted👍😆

Cute cat🐇

looks so cute and lovely 😍❤

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