This morning in the woods... and again my imagination runs away with me... what do ...

in #appics2 years ago

... you see? Just a tree? I see a forest spirit hiding in the tree...Feelings open up paths that were not laid out before. Dreams show ways, which were not perceptible before. Fantasies pave ways which before seemed not passable. Heart's desires set the way. Whoever walks with the strongest of all feelings overcomes every obstacle-Carsten Rossow-


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Amazing pic, the tree has face😂

I see an Ent, from the Lord of the Rings. :)

Middle-earth is everywhere 😬😆

yes , strong feeings will stop moving forward.

The tree is looking so so ancient.....would be nice to chop it down and have it as a souvenir

Such a cool shot 😊😊😊👍

Amazing picture..🙂🙂

Cool shot😐😑

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