The flavor grenade pluots...are beginning to ripen in Southern Utah! These fruits ...

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... are crosses between plums and apricots. Soooo sweet! Pluots are delicious and the “flavor grendade” one of the best kinds! I’ll post a video below from the Nursery that grows and sells these genetics...for those that want to learn more. Cheers to our food freedoms! #dfood !!! Thanks for tuning in today. Lifting this pluot high in the a toast! :) We appreciate all of you...Appics community and Steem Blockchain! Have a beautiful day in your part of the world. -Jake and the Raw Utah family


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Mmmm! Of course it is very tasty and very appetizing to immediately bite it. :) A green day! Aloha, brother. 🙏

green day....and alohaaaaaa sister!!!!!! :)

Hello Jake, how are you doing? Wow ... nice harvest. Fresh fruits every day. Have a nice day, Jake.

we are well today...and hope you are too sister! cheers! thank you!

Awesome looking fruits! Looking forward to what you get to enjoy!

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thanks my friend!

learn more about the flavor grenade in this great video from Dave Wilson Trees: